Thailand Hotels Performace

Thailand with new super powers

Coveted demand and now stable performance growth


  • 2017 another solid year
  • Stable performance growth!
  • Demand keeping up with supply –for now
  • Planning pace slower
  • New hotel ramp-up in Bangkok varies by class

Asia Pacific Hotels Performance

Asia Pacific Hotels Performance
ASEAN Hotels Performance
ASEAN Hotels Performance 2

THAILAND Hotels Performance

Thailand Monthly RevPAR trend
Thailand Hotel Performance

BANGKOK Hotels Performance

Bangkok Hotels Performance
Bangkok Hotels Monthly Supply
Bangkok Hotels Monthly Supply and Demand
Bangkok vs Phuket Hotels Performance
Bangkok Hotels Monthly RevPAR
Bangkok Hotels - Growth per Area
Bangkok Hotels Upscale
Bangkok Hotels RevPAR - Transient vs Groupd
Bangkok Independant Hotels grow faster
Bangkok hotels weekdays
Bangkok Hotels Under Contract Pipeline

Source: STP

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