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Increase in land price is dictated by market and, of course, by big developers, who push condominium prices up.
As a result, ROI for investments in Bangkok are lower today, than it was before, and rental prices will, mostly probably, be adjusted within next few years to return ROI to a level of 5-6%.
For meanwhile, we recommend Phuket for those of investors who are focused on short-term return rather than longer one. Phuket is a very hot market now, and many project bring 6 to 10% guaranteed ROI from first day.

Comment on HACKED BY NDTSEC by Nahla Bakri Wed, 18 Jul 2018 16:12:21 +0000 Very interesting topic. Yet, it’s not clear to me -as investor- low rate on return ( resntal ) compared to return in other real estate markets such as Dubai.

The increase in value of land does not match the increase in rate of return on investment.

What is the expectation for rent rates in the future?

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