Rental Yield Investment

Hotels For Sale In Phuket

Hotels For Sale Thailand / Phuket OFF-MARKET HOTELS FOR SALE In Phuket, Thailand Due to confidentiality reasons, hotel names will be revealed to serious inquiries with proven financial abilities only. Photos used, do not necesserely represent specific hotels Phuket Hospitality Investment Project Highlights: number of 1-bedroom apartments: 48 number of 2-bedroom apartments: 6 size of…

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3 Main Factors to Consider When Choosing Rental Yield Guarantee Programs in Phuket

Rental Yield Guarantee Program in Phuket

Rental Yield Guarantee Programs We all look for great rental yield when we purchase luxury properties in Phuket as an investment so Rental Yield Guarantee Programs are perfect for just that as you will receive rental yield per year guaranteed without having to do anything.  Here are the main factors to consider when choosing Rental Yield Guarantee Programs for Investors in Phuket.   Well-Established…

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